Youth exchange project 'IT & Activism'
July 2005, Netherlands

From 24-31 July 2005, Falkor I.C.Y. has been organizing a youth exchange project for German, Romanian, Estonian and Dutch participants. This project took place in the city of Groningen located in the north of the Netherlands.

The main themes were Information Technology in relation with activism, youth and European citizenship.
Workshops/presentations, discussions and excursions/tours were conducted on the following subjects:


IT/ Telecommunication/ Internet/ Media:
- Linux/Knoppix
- Open Source and Free Software (in combination with Windows)
- basic HTML (making a website)
- virtual reality demonstration in the Centre for High-Performance Computing & Visualisation (HPC&V) in the university of Groningen
- visit to the ‘supercomputer BlueGene/L ', the 4th fastest computer in the world, in the university of Groningen
- Indymedia websites (Netherlands, Global and Romania)
- IT and law (legislation in internet and email)
- software testing
- the 'Social Positioning Method’ (research by tracking mobile phone users' movements and chararteristics)

Other subjects:
- tour in the legalized squatted community ORKZ
- wadlopen (walking in the sea) / visit to the seal rescue centre
- projects and activities of TPN environmental NGO in Timisoara, Romania
- Juggling and acrobatics
- lacrosse (African team sport)
- animal rights
- GMO & food production
- EVS volunteer work
- how does the YOUTH program (of the European Commission) work

Links to participating organizations:
SAK Estonia
TPN Romania

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