The BEM Youth Progressive Action Centre

The BEM Youth Progressive Action Centre was founded in No­vember 2004 initiated by Falkor. ICCO (Interchurch organisation for development co-operation) provided the necessary funding for the establishment of a functional infrastructure.BEM volunteer
The idea to start this centre evolved out of a need to involve Armenian youth in the future of their country so as to stop the brain-drain that is sending the most talented people out of the country, leaving it in a precarious position for the future.

The main goal of the project is to increase the opportunity for Armenian youth in building an active civil society. This will be done by giving them the tools needed to develop the initia­tives they think are necessary for the future of Armenia.

BEM brings together young people, NGOs and anyone in­terested in independent media, civil society, human rights, activism, art and culture, subcultures, photography, films, environment, alternative lifestyles, and international exchange projects such as EVS.
Preparing Photo Exhibition The centre seeks to provide the information, the means and the tools necessary for the transition into a civic responsible lifestyle. Through support in the activities and creativity of the youth, BEM hopes to generate the mechanisms of democracy in the new generations.

BEM also provides space for independent media. BEM endeavours to empower people to become the media by presenting their own independent reports; to enable people to realize they can take control of other aspects of their lives that they previously left up to “experts” or “professionals”. To make truly objective reporting, we create a place where many can report on events as they see it, and engage in discussions on any published articles in order to tell all sides of a story. All these are essential aspects of democratizing Armenian society, where media is semi-independent.
Exhibition on Youth Culture
The start-up phase of BEM has been funded by ICCO, during the period of September 2004 until June 2005.
The evaluation of the start-up activities has lead to changes in organisational structure that we hope to implement in the second phase, yet to start. ICCO will be supporting the con­tinuation of the BEM youth center for 2 more years with core-funding.
Additional funds for projects are being raised.

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