Weekend Full of Footprints!!

Footprints & Singer

CENN, supported by the British Council has been fostering the Caucasus Youth environmental Network, CYEN, for almost a year now. Many activities happened over the past year and we are confident next year will bring many more!

But now, at the end of the “Academic Season”, we all felt it was time to make some noise! To make people know we exist and to make them aware of those things we care for.

Early June we decided to host a festival called “Footprints”, in the weekend of July 8 & 9th. In less than 6 weeks we managed to put together quite a program.

On Saturday we “took over” Mziuri Park in Tbilisi. In the afternoon people/youth could get informed about the work of all sorts of NGOs on the NGO-info market and take a look at the open-air CYEN Photo exhibition. Later in the afternoon it was time for some noise and we watched how four bands of quite different styles took on stage and entertained about 400 young people.

The Sunday was perhaps even more exciting: Tbilisi witnessed its first “Reclaim the Streets”. About sixty people cycled from Freedom Square to Republic Square, joined by another 50 people on foot, giving out leaflets to rather astonished by passers…

Both days we tried to show that first of all “we”, those participating and organising the festival CARE about the environment (in a broad sense) that we live in. And not only that, we also believe that young people have a right and a responsibility to form their own opinion about those things that matter in their lives. Our slogan was for that reason “Watch your steps, choose where you are going”.

We organizers, all young volunteers supported by the organizations CENN, HRIDC, Falkor and APD are very satisfied with our results! We learned a lot from this first time experience organising a festival, and we managed to attract quite an audience and some really good media coverage!

Do you want to join or know more (because this was just the beginning!), please write to Tabitha.vandenberg@cenn.org

Caucasus Environmental NGO Network: www.cenn.org
Human Rights Information and Documentation Centre: www.humanrights.ge
Falkor I.C.Y: www.falkor.org
Academy for Peace and Development: www.apd.ge

See pictures here!