EVS in Georgia (European Voluntary Service)

Since 2003 we have been sending Dutch volunteers to different organisations in Georgia, each for a period between 6 and 10 months. Below an overview of the ongoing and implemented projects and information about and from the volunteers about their experiences and achievements during their stay in Caucasus.
These EVS projects are financed by the YOUTH program of the European Commission.

An overview:
-EVS-project 2007 at CENN (2 Dutch volunteers) - Youth environmental activities, 1 position still open for application
-EVS-project 2007 at APD (2 Dutch volunteers) -HIV/AIDS prevention
-EVS-project 2007 at HRIDC (1 Dutch volunteer) -Human rights/ Activities with Georgian and Abkhazian youth
-EVS-project 2006 at CENN (1 Dutch volunteer) -Youth environmental activities
-EVS-project 2005/2006 at HRIDC (1 Dutch volunteer) -Human rights/ Socially excluded women
-EVS-project 2003/2004 at Ertoba and HCA Tbilisi (2 Dutch volunteers) -Education to underprivileged youth, conflict resolution/peace projects

Karlien, Rogier, Inge and Maartje

EVS-project 2007 at CENN (2 Dutch volunteers)

One of the volunteers, Inge, started half September 2007 her 10 months EVS project at the Caucasus Environmental NGO Network (CENN) in Tbilisi . She is working on PR activities of CENN in general and to promote youth environmental activities.
Inge is actively involved in the "Educational Media-Campaign ECO-LOGIC" and in organizing Green Cafe's. See www.cenn.org.

Ecologic Campaign
Inge during a presentation of the Eco-Logic campaign

You can read Inge's own stories on her weblog.

If you would like to join her, read this!

EVS-project 2007 at APD (2 Dutch volunteers)

Maartje and Rogier started half September 2007 their 10 months EVS project at the Academy for Peace and Development (APD) in Tbilisi.
They are assisting in giving trainings on empowerment, HIV/AIDS and drugs for different youth groups. See also the project information of "Close To Me" on this site.

Maartje has also a weblog.

Training at a school

Training at a school Trainings in Tbilisi

EVS-project 2007 at HRIDC (1 Dutch volunteer)

Our volunteer Wieteke started half September 2007 her 8 months EVS project at the Human Rights Information and Documentation Center (HRIDC) in Tbilisi. She is assisting the Center in several human rights and media projects. See www.humanrights.ge.

Wieteke and some colleagues
Wieteke and some of her colleagues

See also Wieteke's weblog.


EVS-project 2006 at CENN (1 Dutch volunteer)

In May 2006 Tabitha started her 8 months of EVS in Georgia at the CENN office (Caucasus Environmental NGO Network).
Her activities are mainly in the framework of CYEN, the Caucasus Youth Environmental Network, a new initiative of CENN established in in September 2005.

Tabitha organized together with CYEN a youth festival named "Footprints festival" in Tbilisi in July and a Youth Ecological Camp in Bakuriani in August. In December she coordinated the "Footprints Documentary Film Festival" in Tbilisi.

Read her reports on Footprints youth festival, the Bakuriani youth camp and the Footprints Documentary Film Festival here on the site.

See pictures on this website here !

Also several articles of Tabitha have been published in the CENN Magazine:
Magazine article about the eco-camp in Bakuriani
Magazine article about Footprints Festival (in summer with Biking Beyond Borders and in winter with the Documentary Film Festival)

EVS-project 2005/2006 at HRIDC (1 Dutch volunteer)

From September 2005 Nikolai has done his EVS project in Georgia for six months at the HRIDC (Human Rights Information and Documentation Centre) in Tbilisi.

"Joy, joy, oh glorious EVS. Some lines from life-breathing Georgia.
My main program related activities at or connected to the Human Rights Information and Documentation Center in Tbilisi include:
English editing of daily informational bulletins; setting up a project for empowerment of socially excluded women with  a local newly established women's organization; making two short decent documentary films - one on (il)legal woodcutting and the other on river poisoning by a very evil company - ; compiling the Center's annual human rights report on Georgia (so the one of 2005); gathering information on a possible project on ethnic conflict resolution in the regions; and…. my dear readers…. much, much more….All's well that ends well."

More info: see www.humanrights.ge  

Iinterview with Nikolai in the SALTO EECA magazine, October 2006. Page 1, Page 2

Pictures: click here


EVS-project 2003/2004 at Ertoba and HCA Tbilisi (2 Dutch volunteers)

In 2003/2004 Lut and Jitske have done a six months EVS-project in Georgia. The first two months they assisted in teaching computer and English language skills to socially disadvantaged youth in Sagarejo, Eastern Georgia. The Jitskefollowing four months the volunteers moved to Tbilisi to be active in the Helsinki Citizens Assembly.  
Also the volunteers acted as election observers in the parliamentary elections in Georgia in November 2003 and in the presidential elections in January 2004.They appeared in several Dutch media during the 'Rose Revolution' that followed the elections in November.

-pictures from the volunteers
-article in Georgian newspaper in 2003
-article in Dutch newspaper in 2003
-report by volunteer in 2003