Radioactive Sources Recovered

Civil Georgia

Two abandoned and potentially dangerous radioactive devices have been recovered in Georgia’s western mountainous region of Racha, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said on July 28.
Recovery was made possible as a result of a new effort by IAEA team and the Georgian Ministry of Environment to trace lost radioactive sources in Georgia. Both of the radioactive sources were Caesium 137.
"It could have resulted in serious injuries, or even death, if someone had picked it up and put it in their pocket for a period of time," said Carolyn Mac Kenzie, a radiation source specialist in the IAEA, who accompanied the start-up of the mission.
As many as 300 radioactive sources have been recovered in Georgia since the mid 1990´s and there has been at least one death and many injuries to the public as a consequence, according to the IAEA.