Falkor documentary "Orphaned Sources" on filmfestival

The documentary film "Orphaned Sources", produced by Falkor I.C.Y., will be screened on the SunChild Festival in Yerevan, Armenia on October 28th at 12.00 o'clock, at Naregatsi Art Institute, Vartanants 16/1.

After the screening there will be a discussion with one of the filmmakers from Georgia, Nino Gvedashvili.

The documentary shows shocking information and images about uncontrolled radioactive waste in Georgia, Caucasus. The film has been made in 2003, but taking into account news on the subject until 2007, not much has changed since then. Accidents are still occurring and the government and international community still don't see it as a priority to solve this situation.

See for more information www.sunchild.am and www.falkor.org/projects/os.html